About Ginger Garrett

Ginger graduated from SMU in Dallas, Texas, with a degree in theatre arts and a focus on playwriting. Although she applied to the CIA to become an international master of espionage, she had to settle for selling pharmaceuticals for a large corporation. She eventually travelled the world on her own dime and without a disguise.

Ginger now lives in Atlanta with her husband, three children, and two rescue dogs. She spends her time baking gluten free goodness for her friends and family, and mentors middle school students who want to become working writers. Passionate about science, history, and women’s studies, Ginger loves exploring new ideas and old secrets. She especially loves good books read late at night.

Ginger is a popular speaker and a frequent radio and television guest. She has been featured by media across the country including Fox News, USA Today, Library Journal, 104.7 The Fish Atlanta, FamilyNet Television, National Public Radio, Harvest Television, and more.

What Critics are saying about Ginger's work:

The Last Monster

The Last Monster

"An appealing tale for readers dealing with their own insecurities." Booklist

"A perfect recommendation for introspective kids who feel like outsiders." School Library Journal

"poignant and sophisticated…punctuated with wry humor" Kirkus Reviews

Dark Hour

Dark Hour (fiction)

"A life-changing and beautiful novel!"

Best-selling authors Brock & Bodie Theone

"Every time I opened the book, I was transported in time. So vividly were the pictures painted and the story told that I couldn't help but shudder and yet, I could feel the very breath of God."

Arm Chair Interview


Chosen: The Lost Diaries of Queen Esther (fiction)

"This book defies normal boundaries... a truly astonishing first novel."

Best-selling author Davis Bunn