Serpent Moon Trilogy Cancelled

I am receiving a lot of questions about the Serpent Moon Trilogy, and when the next two novels will be released.

I posted a message on my blog a few months ago about this issue, but my older postings didn’t make it onto this new website. So, here’s the scoop:

I am sad to say the next two books will not be released anytime soon. The publisher changed management, and made some decisions that ultimately led me to cancel the trilogy with them. But all the copies of Dark Hour say the next installment is due out this fall. I wish that were true, but it’s no longer the case. Publishing is a crazy business, both for writers and management. I wish everyone well who worked with me on the trilogy, and hope our paths cross again sometime soon.

So here’s what I’m working on now:

This September I am releasing Beauty Secrets of the Bible with Thomas Nelson, a book about rediscovering the ancient arts of beauty and perfume. And next year, my new novel will be released from David. C. Cook Publishers, entitled The Scribe. It features angels, so you’ll find me frequently posting here on angels.

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13 thoughts on “Serpent Moon Trilogy Cancelled”

  1. I spent a lot of time reading your book Dark Hour and was really looking forward to the second book. Just because of a publisher problem doesn’t mean you can’t finish a series promised to your readers. Find another publiusher or stop promising a new book to the series and getting peoples hopes up for a new book. I will no longer read any of your books even though you are a wonderful writer.

  2. Ouch!
    I decided to let this comment through because there may be some people who are upset and not letting me know.
    I can’t explain the publishing process here, but your email tells me you don’t understand how it works.
    I was writing the book, and had a good bit done, when the sky fell. Now, I am legally prohibited it from selling it to anyone else for a full year. Other publishers are legally prohibited from publishing it for a full year. So I’m stuck, just like you. I can’t tear out every advertisement for the next book that’s inside Dark Hour. I can’t re-do every media interview I did last year where I talked about the next book. I did stop talking about the book, and promoting it, as soon as I realized what was going to happen.
    All I can do, legally, is let you know what happened and try to write something entirely new.
    Which I’m doing–and I am sorry you won’t read it.
    Peace and grace to you, my friend.

  3. Ginger,
    Dark Hour was a GREAT novel. I was looking forward to the rest of the series. Of course, I am disappointed but I am SO excited to read what else you have in the works!!!

    I’ll forever be a devoted reader!

  4. Hey Ginger,

    Ah, the ups and downs of the publishing industry. My friend, I’m so sorry to hear about this latest major snag with your pub company. I’m still cheering for you way over in Washington state and can’t wait to read anything by Ginger Garrett I can get my hands on. You’re a fab writer – keep up the great work and may God continue to work in and through your writing.


  5. Ginger … I am disappointed to hear about the snag in publishing the rest of the Serpent Moon books … I have been looking forward to reading them. However, I know that it’s through no fault of your own, and if I have to wait a year or more for them, I will … You are a very talented writer, and I can’t wait to see what else comes from your pen (or in this technological age, your keyboard!)

  6. Ginger..I too am disappointed to hear number 2 is not coming for awhile. I do hope you get to write it though. You kept me on the edge with the first one. I will purchase other works that you write. Blessings to you.

  7. Ginger…I’m excited about your new book. I think it takes the Queen Esther story to a new level. I was totally amazed by the castle and how Queen Esther lived. I’m sure I’ll be just as taken by the things you discovered in your research about the Queen and those times.
    I am willing to wait for your book triology to work itself out legally. I’m excited that you have a new book coming out about Angels.
    I also excited about what God is doing in your life. All the best and God’s Grace to you.

  8. Ginger,

    I have worked in the book business for nearly 20 years. I know how publishers are. It is just like any other business. When management changes hands, and decisions get made, it not only effects those who work for the business, but those who buy or receive goods from that business.

    Unfortunately, not everyone understands that. Disappointing as though it may be, it just sounds as though things are just on hold right now.

    Best wishes to you on finding a new publisher that will enable you to get the next two books out to your readers.

    God Bless,
    (wow… two Noras in a row!)

  9. I am looking forward to reading Beautiful Secrets of the Bible! Are you planning on finishing the Serpent Moon Trilogy when the full year is up? I don’t mind waitng, I would just like to know so I don’t mark it off my list forever. The first book was great.

  10. Dear Ginger, Dark Hour was amazing! I couldn’t believe christian fiction could be that good! Not since reading the Thoenes have I read such a talented author. Please, please finish and publish the Serpent Moon Triology, books 2–3 asap. Your fans will be anxiously waiting. May the LORD bless you for sharing your talent with us! In Him, Joyce

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