Giving thanks for you!

May you all have a great holiday, and be able to truly savor the moments (and the meal!). I am really grateful to you as my friends and readers, for all the feedback, encouragement, and love you send my way. I have learned one thing from you so well: the power of a positive word in someone’s life. Take the time to say something kind is almost a lost art, but because of your emails and notes, I am more intentional about making that a priority in my life.

Over the holiday I will be editing the Jezebel novel. I’ll need more than just a good meal to get that job done. I haven’t gotten to the raw heart of her story yet.  It’s disheartening to think I’m not there yet, but then again, every the best things in my life have all come from setbacks. My husband is here because my dog yacked all over my previous beau. My kids are here because I was told I couldn’t have any, and I  pursued a lonely path to get to them. My writing is here because I needed an outlet during that season, and my blank spiral journal never got tired of listening.

This Thanksgiving, when I drink my first cup of coffee and prepare for the madness, I am going to make a list of the setbacks and discouragements I am facing. Then I will say a prayer of thanks for each and every one. Someday, I know that I will look back and realize a gift came from them all.

Be blessed, be filled and get ready to be merry! Welcome, Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Giving thanks for you!”

  1. Always love reading your posts but haven’t ever commented. Just settled in to start reading Desired and came upon the inscription. Thank you! I, too, have had setbacks in my life that have brought about great joy. Marrying Zack was the greatest outcome of joy from a bad time in my life. Not just because I ended up with the man of my dreams, but that I gained such a cool family. You being my absolute favourite! Love you!

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