GAYA Nomination

I’ve been nominated for the Georgia Author of the Year Award from the Georgia Writers Assocation. You can see the full list of nominees at:

I’ve benefited from the Georgia Writers Associations in many ways: they helped me land a gig writing for tea boxes (true! Look for me on Celestial Seasonings “Persian Mint Spice Decaf”) and introduced me to freelance editor Anne Fisher, who broke me of my love of commas. (Almost.) Everyone in the organization is passionate about writing and it was a great place for me to get started.

April marks the beginning of Awards Season for writers. No one is offering to let me wear their dresses, or stroll around in their jewels, or even do my hair, which is quite disappointing. Realisitically, writing nominees should get fresh pajamas, a complimentary bottle of eyeglass cleaner, and a package of Extra Strength Tylenol. (Actually, that’s for our spouses.) I have no expectation of winning, but I’ll let you in on a secret: taking a shower, dressing up, and attending a dinner where the food is hot and you use a knife AND fork, all while spying on your favorite authors in the room: that’s the real prize.
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The History of the Refrigerator

I was a tennis widow once again. With the kids sleeping and the hour indecent to call my girlfriends, I watched a fascinating show on the history of the refrigerator. (I made some herb tea and caught the double feature: The History of the Vacuum.)

When the modern refrigerator was invented, every woman wanted one. That was good for business. Nearly every woman bought one. That was bad for business.

Once a household had a refrigerator, they did not need another one. Refrigerators last a long time; the market quickly reached saturation and the manufacturers were faced with bankruptcy. Until one man had an epiphany: change the colors.

Make the having the right color of refrigerator as important as owning one. Manufacturers began creating seasonal colors. If you had an avocado-colored refrigerator when burnt umber was the style, you no longer had a useful appliance. You had a social disaster. Once refrigerators became a fashion item, the buying market surged. Manufacturers have had steady business since. Marketing breeds discontent, discontent leads to purchases to recapture contentment, which marketing will upturn again to return you to the store.

It’s important that I share this. My refrigerator is white. Let the reader understand.

New Fiction Deal Announced!

Hi all!

I’ve been remiss in updating my blog recently, only because I’ve been immersed in the business side of writing, which tends to get me a little “confusedable” as my kids would say. Recently, I was so distracted during a discussion with my agent that I accidently took the dog’s vitamins instead of my own. Sigh. At least my coat is shiny now.

Now for my big announcement:

I am thrilled to tell you that I signed on with Cook Communications to create a new series of novels called The Scribe. The first is due to the publisher at the end of this year. I’ll keep you posted on release dates as I get them. This series is so exciting to me—I’ve rewritten this post a hundred times because I don’t want to say too much—but I want you to know how cool I think it is!

Also, Beauty Secrets of the Bible is going into its final galley stages, meaning I get one last look at them before the book is printed. I get so many requests for this book already—make sure you sign my guest list on my home page so I can send you advance notice before it hits the shelves. We’re going to have a lot of fun with this one.

Finally, thank you all for your encouraging notes and kind words. Every person needs them and this author surely appreciates them—and you. Thanks for sticking with me!