Dark Hour

Dark Hour

"And the last sound that will be heard in the age of man will be the sound of a trumpet, signaling the end of our long winter's wait for justice, and the return of our own true King. But our revolution 'round the sun is not yet complete, and winter has not released us from her mighty grip. And so we wait, under the dim light of a Serpent Moon . . ."

One of the darkest and bloodiest stories of all time comes not from a medieval battlefield but from inside one of the most opulent palaces ever built. The strategies come not from men eager to extend their influence but from women bent on exercising their wit and prowess in a kingdom not their own. Treason and murder are fair game. Marriage is manipulation. Children are the enemy. And the days of the House of David are numbered—unless one woman can find the strength to conquer them all.

Based on the historical account of Queen Athaliah, the daughter of Jezebel and Ahab who ruled Israel as sole monarch for seven years, Dark Hour recounts the unspeakable evils of her reign and the courage of the one woman who dared to stop her.

"A life-changing and beautiful novel!"

Best-selling authors Brock & Bodie Thoene

"Every time I opened the book, I was transported in time. So vividly were the pictures painted and the story told that I couldn't help but shudder and yet, I could feel the very breath of God."

Arm Chair Interview

"Garrett has spun an engrossing tale of intrigue and danger, focusing on Athaliah's stepdaughter, Princess Jehoshebeth. A brave and intelligent heroine, Jehoshebeth takes quick action to save Joash from the slaughter, and sacrifices her own desires to wed the High Priest Jehoaida and raise Joash in safety until Athaliah's murderous reign can be overthrown. The dark emotions, the tension of life in the royal palace, the unspoken battle between Athaliah and Jehoshebeth, are all compelling. Garrett even manages to make the reader feel sorry for Athaliah, warped by fear of her own mother, Jezebel. This is the first book in Garrett's SERPENT MOON TRILOGY, and I eagerly await the next novel!"

India Edghill, Historical Novels Review

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