Queen Esther's Secrets of Womanhood (nonfiction)

Queen Esther's Secrets of Womanhood

A unique, biblically-based rite of passage for our daughters.

Here is what others are saying:

"If you are a mother who is raising one or more daughters, read this book."

Carol Kent, Author & Speaker, When I Lay My Isaac Down

"Practicality, pampering, and panache."

Jenn Doucette, author of The Velveteen Mommy - Laughter and Tears from the Toy Box Years

"What an amazing idea! Ginger Garrett has created a beautiful and innovative tool to connect and talk about real-life matters like image, relationships, emotions and more. As a veteran youthworker, speaker, and author to teens, I highly encourage you to begin this journey with your daughter today."

T. Suzanne Eller, youth culture columnist, speaker, and author of Real Teens, Real Stories, Real Life

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Lose it for Life for Teens

Lose it for Life for Teens

"I had to finally admit I wasn't just retaining water. I was retaining donuts."

You don't have to gain one more pound, or try one more diet. There's finally a real solution, written just for you! Lose It For Life: Teens will help you discover who you are INSIDE AND OUT, and what you need to achieve lasting results. The secret is learning to be "weightless"—and focused on living instead of die-ting!

Lose It For Life: Teens is uniquely balanced program that deals with your physical, emotional and spiritual hungers. With "been there, ate that" stories and easy weight loss tricks you can put into action today, this is the plan that will help you lose weight, live your life, and love your body.

  • Find the perfect weight, and like your body
  • Discover why processed, refined foods can pack on the pounds
  • All this without magic weight loss suits, creams, or pills

Lose It for Life: Teens is the last weight book you may ever need!

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Moments for Couples Who Long for Children

Moments for Couples Who Long for Children

Compassionate, biblical help for couples longing for a child.

Infertility can be a scary, intimidating word. Author Ginger Garrett knows this from experience. By looking at what the Bible says about the issue, offering sample prayers, and pointing out positive steps couples can take as they search for answers, she gently leads people to a new sense of hope in God's compassion. Most important, they will come to know that through it all, God always cares.

What Others Are Saying:

"With humility and humor, Ginger taps the roller coaster emotions of infertility as only one who has been there can. She then balances the "feelings" with the truth, wisdom, and promises of God's word. I wholeheartedly recommend Ginger's devotional to anyone grieving to have a child while grasping to hold God's hand."

-Terry Willits, founder, SenseSational Homes, Inc.

"Ginger Garrett writes from her experience and her heart. She inspires couples to trust in God despite their moments of confusion and doubt. I recommend this book to any couple experiencing the heartache of infertility."

-Andy Stanley, pastor and author or The Next Generation Leader

"Moments for Couples Who Long for Children deals with the emotions and questions we are usually afraid to admit. It creates a profound theology that will draw you into a healing intimacy with God and comfort the angry and hurting soul."

-Doug Rosenau, psychologist, professor, and author of Celebrating Sex

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